We are a small family business who have been working in Tenerife for the past 25 years.

We have a fleet of more than 20 vehicles, all fully serviced and maintained, which we rent out to people on a  flexible basis.

We try to keep our costs to an absolute minimum to provide our clients with the best possible prices.

Unfortunately some of the local competition offer what we have termed “rent-a-wrecks” unsafe, illegal cars which have no place on the road. We take the utmost care of our vehicles and have our very good relations with local Spanish garages who keep our cars in tip-top condition.

If you ever have any problem whatsoever, simply bring the car back and we will swap it for another whilst it undergoes any required maintenance or repairs.

Many of our customers use these cars everyday to get to work and back and having a car off the road for any amount of time is simply not acceptable – we completely understand this and guarantee we will keep you mobile if you are a customer of ours.